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Good Morning Word!  Today, we are showing you some show stopping work outfits.  There a million different fun ways to wear key pieces you’ve got in your closet and today, we are focusing on the esteemed pencil skirt.  

At any given point during the work week, you will see at least one of us in the pencil skirt.  It was really Rachel Zane from Suits that got us on board.  That girl has got legs for days and they really shine in these skirts.  Needless to say, we are trying so hard to emanate. 

How are we doing?  Yeah, were nailing it!  The pencil skirt just makes you look LONG in the best way possible.  Anyways, we will get back to the long legs, however, wanted to point out that when it comes to work wear, we are both very into the classics.  Black louboutins… Check.  Black bags.  Check. 

First up, Samantha is wearing a conservatively sheer top, an oxymoron in most circumstances and most wouldn’t dream of wearing sheer to work.  Here’s our rule: if the sheer covers up everything and is up top, near the shoulders and neck region, you should be good to go at work.  This one might be stretching the limits for what to wear at work, but since we’ve paired it with a neutral black blazer, we feel we’ve “covered up” just enough.  Let’s not forget to mention, this outfit without the blazer has us ready for whatever apres office cocktails may come our way!

What are you guys thoughts?  Our thoughts are that the sheer just adds a nice layer of extra coverage without being too risqué.  We also have paired it with an amazing long Tori and Taz necklace.

Top here | Blazer here | Skirt here | Shoes here | Purse here | Necklace here |

Next up, we’ve got Michelle rocking our absolute fave: black on black.  It always looks so classic no matter what!  This outfit is no exception.  The black spaghetti strap tank top stays tucked into the leather pencil skirt for that classic office look but ready-for-after-work alternative vibe!  Paired with a sliver necklace from Tori and Taz, this outfit gets complimented by a silver accented Chanel purse – chic and classic!

The leather pencil skirt definitely lends itself to Fall and Winter, but with a little tank it is summer ready. In the colder or rainier seasons, we would pair this skirt with a tucked in collared shirt or light sweater.

Top here | Blazer here | Skirt here | Shoes here | Purse here | Necklace here |

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  LOOK at how long our legs look?!  Work win!  Actually, that’s a life win!


Michelle & Samantha

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