Winter Whites

Whites in the winter…after Labour Day??  YES!!  We are all over it and ALL obsessed.  What looks more magical than a super duper cute white outfit on a beautifully sunny but snowy day?!  Not much, let us tell you.  We are thinking you agree… don’t you?!  You can picture the image we just word smithed for you can’t you?!  Well, let us show you whats going on with those winter whites and you can be the ultimate judge.  But you can only have that role if you agree…

First up, we’ve got Samantha rocking what most would deem as a summer dress.  She is just too obsessed that she needed to find a way to wear it in the winter time and totally nailed it.  So we’ve got a fabulous summer white dress turned winter white with the assistance of dark tights and well, our favourite So Kate Louboutins.  The stark contrast is a good thing in the case of winter whites, letting lookie-loos know that you are fully aware it’s winter but you can still look summer sexy.

Obviously we need to stay warm with the fully open lace back, so that is what we will do with one of our favourite winter coats.  We didn’t want to make the contrast to crazy with this so we’ve toned it down with this beautiful DVF grey coat.  Finally, we’d never ever want to forget accessorizing, would we?!  We naturally, our favourite accessory is our Chanel purse.  When would you ever expect anything different from us… that’s what we thought!

Dress here | Shoes here | Purse here | Tights here | Coat (original DVF) similar here |

Michelle is rocking the winter whites all winter long…that is when it’s not black on black!  The white top, scarf and purse go well with the black jeans and nude shoes.  Nude shoes are the closest things to white shoes that we wear in the winter.  It gives your outfit that lighter look and, as always, nude shoes elongate your legs so they look longer.  Who doesn’t love that??  We’ve paired the whites and nude with this grey coat to keep things light in the winter!

The scarf by Chanel and the white sleeveless blouse are paired with a long white tuxedo style vest.  We love this vest – and we are clearly loving it all year round.  It looks so cute with this outfit, but you can also throw it on over a dress or with jeans and a t-shirt and it goes great!  We’ve paired all this winter white with a white purse and gold chain handle.  Let is snow so we can wear more white!!

Vest here | Top here | Jeans here | Jacket here | Shoes here | Scarf here | Purse here |

How are you winter white’ing?


Samantha and Michelle

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