Winter Jackets

Are your closets bursting at the seams with your winter jackets?  Ours are!  We have to admit that we have definitely taken up our fair share of the closet space with our winter jackets.  We have to keep warm and chic!  That’s a lot of work!!  We love ourselves a toasty and cute winter jacket.  Sometimes they make you feel like you’re the Michelin Man, but trust us, that’s not how it looks!  It’s all about what you wear the jacket with so that you don’t feel like the Goodyear Blimp!

Michelle barely goes anywhere without her Parajumpers jacket.  It’s so incredibly warm!!  Sometimes, it can even verge on too warm and necessitate a tank top underneath instead of switching to a lighter jacket.  We digress.  This beige jacket has lots of pocket space and has a fur lined hood which keeps us toasty even on the coldest of days!  It goes everywhere with us!

She has paired it with black bottoms, Adidas runners and toque.  This is her total winter uniform outfit for cold days and she’s never complaining in this one!  It’s the perfect outfit for walks, errands and even brunch (always brunch).  We love that this jacket is beige in colour because we are so guilty of always wearing black on black, it lets us wear something lighter in colour and gives an added dimension to our outfits!

Jacket here | Leggings here | Runners here | Toque here | Sunglasses here | Purse here |

Next up we’ve got Samantha with this fabulous winter jacket.  Anyone who knows her knows her grand obsession with jackets… which is the only thing she likes about winter… winter jackets!  She is freezing cold at the best of times so does all she can to stay warm including buying too many jackets.  That’s also why she’s got this super cute, heavy, knit sweater on underneath her jacket.  She is even wearing another shirt on underneath the sweater for an added layer.  Next, the winter jacket over top keeps her toasty warm basically serving as two layers with the flap overtop.

Obviously we cannot forget about the winter boots or the necessity of warm gloves.  Keeping heat into the feet and fingers is so necessary to keeping warm.  Otherwise, forget it! You’ll be frozen in no time… which is NOT our jam.

Gloves here | Boots here | Jeans here | Sweater here | Jacket here | Purse here |

What winter jacket keeps you warm?


Samantha and Michelle

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