Winter Dresses

Winter time.  Some probably think it’s the most perfect time to cozy up with you loved ones with a good book or a good show on TV.  Well, you’re right! It is the perfect time to do that!!! BUT, riddle me this, what if there is some sort of event you have to go to even if you just want to be at home in those cozy sweats?  Then, my friends, you are screwed.  You need to get your butt into some cute, but warm clothes.  Which brings us to today’s discussion: winter dresses.

We love winter dresses for obvious reasons but mainly because of the most obvious: one item. One item means you don’t need to think about do these pants go with this shirt?! Why yes, they do, why because you aren’t putting pants or a shirt on your putting a dress on and the dress matches itself.  Have we made our point? I think so…

To the point, in this case it wouldn’t be as difficult with pants and a shirt because yes, we all know black goes with black.  GET OVER IT!  We love black on black and so do you.  So that’s what were both wearing.  First, Samantha in this amazing dress stolen right from Michelle’s closet which came all the way from Italy.  We’ve tried very hard to find a match below.  Anyways, this dress is the perfect length to let you wear those high boots.  Thigh high boots = thigh high warmth.  We are A-OK with that aren’t we friends?!

Paired perfectly with our favourite winter jacket, our very warm gloves, and our BFF, Chanel.  Because we are so boring love black so much, we’ve decided to mix metals here with both gold and silver.  Guess what?! It works great, adding some visual interest to our outfit.

Dress similar here and here | Gloves here | Purse here | Tights here | Boots here | Jacket here |

Michelle has on the classic Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress.  DvF created it in 1974 and has been famous for her design ever since!  It is incredibly timeless.  This dress is pretty much one of the only things you need in your closet sometimes!  It looks great for work and business meetings as well as dinners out and packs up for travel so easily!  It is warm because of the long sleeves, but cool enough that you won’t overheat!  We are so grateful for DvF and this classic dress, we wear it all winter long!

So, what do you pair with a DvF wrap dress?  Louboutins and Chanel of course!!  Michelle has our studded Louboutins on to give the outfit some edge (just some) and the red soles look amazing with this plain black ensemble!  The Chanel purse is perfect with it.  You can also pair this winter dress with mary jane heels or a round toe pump for a softer look.  You cannot go wrong with this dress!

Dress here | Shoes here | Purse here | Bracelet here |

What dresses are you rocking this winter?


Samantha and Michelle

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