Winter Date Night Looks

Ladies, when was the last time you and your man had a date night?!  We aren’t trying to stir things up but are strong believers that date night is super duper important in a relationship.  All of our lives are busy.  We are constantly on the move with a million and one things to do.  What we forget to do most often is spend QUALITY time with the ones we love.  It’s no different than you scheduling a ladies night, or your man scheduling a boys night.  Why must you schedule time with your friends and not with your lover?!

We know if we don’t we get totally caught up in doing chores or running errands.  Although it’s quality time, it’s still not as fun.  SO, the basis of our rant is even though you see each other every single day, make time for a special night or day out.  It’s worthwhile, we promise.  Alas, here are some of our favourite winter date night looks to share with you.

First up, we’ve got Samantha rocking a dress.  Rocking a dress with NO TIGHTS.  WTF right!?  It is still winter.. and it is still freaking freezing.  Calm down, we’ve got solutions.  We are little heaters that can run around in this cold weather.  Dress + high boots = tights optional!  The equation is so simple.  WARNING: no tights is not to be messed around with if your date day or night activity is indoors.  Winter date night really should be indoors… just saying.

Back to the outfit, so our men really hate tights, so do we.  Dress with high boots serves a similar purpose but gives you a lot more freedom!  Pairing black on black on black again, we’ve accessorized this outfit with our fun YSL tassle purse and a very fun blazer.  Not too formal, and not too casual.  Really, it’s just right for date night!

Dress here | Blazer similar here | Boots here | Purse here | Watch here |


Michelle is rocking an outfit in layers that is comfy and stylish!  As we mentioned, we’re little heaters!  So she’s wearing a patterned sleeveless top with a 3/4 sleeve sweater/jacket (thank you JBrand) on top!  We love that this over layer can stay on or come off and not look like a heavy jacket – its versatility is so key!  It also has a leather trim on it, so can’t not love that!

The leather joggers (that really do look cute with flats) go soooooo well with our Valentino shoes in black and white to pull in the colours of our sleeveless blouse.  The subtly stamped Prada purse is casual that we can hit the movies or the shoes make it dressy enough to hit our fave Italian spot(s)!  Ready to roll for date night!!

Top here | Sweater / jacket here | Pants here | Shoes here | Purse here |

Where’s your next date night taking you?


Samantha and Michelle


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