Why Personal Training

Both of us cannot get enough of personal training.  A lot of it has to do with who we’ve got training us.  It also has to do with the feeling you get during after your workout.  Finally, it also plays into our competitive nature and A-Type personalities who always want results.  The tone of this already sounds too serious so let’s start with who we’ve got training us. 


Brock…  Brock owns and runs Nicholson Fitness, no he doesn’t have a website but he does have a highly entertaining Instagram account posting humorous jokes and serious workout videos.  We totally recommend following him!  The worst best quality about Brock is that when we roll our eyes at him or curse his name he really does get back at us… And he knows how to get to us.  Remembering that we hate cardio, he makes us pay…big time!  But, at the end of the day you feel so good about yourself and you make healthier choices along the way – eating, sleeping, pasta.  Pasta is good for you, right?  Samantha thinks so… that smile is just for a pasta treat.


Think about how often you hit the gym with your trainer and how often they see you at your worst; you should realize that they aren’t just a trainer. They are your new BFF, psychiatrist, confidante and probably know more about you than most other people in your life. It’s someone you’re not shy around (especially when you may swear at them) and you’re not afraid to tell the truth to (sorry men in our lives, but Brock probably knows everything).

We aren’t advocating for you to run out and get a personal trainer right this second; it’s just what works for us.  We hit classes at local studios and get outside on those crisp, Fall days too.  That being said, our lives would be a little less fulfilled if it weren’t for Brock and his kick-ass workouts!  We want to congratulate him and Nicholson Fitness on their work-aversary this weekend.  Maybe after this nice blog post he’ll go a little easier on us.  Ha!  Who are we kidding?!



Samantha and Michelle

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