Whites: the details

We have always been all over the monochromatic outfits.  They are sleek, easy to put together (really, you rarely need to ask: does this white also go with these whites?!), they look so polished every time, and they can be real show stoppers when done right.  Monochromatic outfits also allows you to play with texture and pattern… more than you might otherwise.  For these outfits, it’s all in the subtle details.  

Both of our outfits are featuring those little details and as you can see, today we’ve decided to focus our monochromatic outfits on all whites.  Look closer at Michelle’s skirt.  A fun foliage pattern… it’s there, but super subtle, which is sometimes best.  Especially in this scenario because of what we’ve paired up top.

Another pattern! You can see the pattern along the neckline of her tank.  It adds a very feminine touch to an otherwise plain tank.  Both items, while relatively plain add a punch of subtle fun to this outfit. Not to mention, we know our readers love a little glam so we’ve added this very fun, yet elegant necklace.  

Camisole here | Necklace similar here and here | Skirt (Sold Out) similar here and here | Bracelets here, here and here |

Onto Samantha’s outfit.  Again, monochromatic whites but there is still so much going on.  Especially up top.

Top top top.  We are obsessed with this top!  It has so many details but the fact that Top Shop decided to keep this shirt white allows it to remain a staple in our closest – yeah that’s right – another versatile piece!  The neckline is one of our faves too; you can see it in more detail on our instgram post at one of our favourite coffee shops in LA, Alfred’s (or in the link below).  The bottom of the top, as shown below, adds a fun edgy yet feminine line.  As you can see, there is a lot going on with this top so we’ve left the bottom half as a plain white denim.  

Top here | Jeans here | LV wristlette here | Bracelets here and here | Rings here and here |

Monochromatic outfits are a must!  However, we must all be aware of the little details and making sure we add those in to our outfits… and in this case, our whites!  Cheers!


Michelle & Samantha

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