What We Are Obsessed with In Our Purse

Purses.  They are the window to a woman’s soul.  Is she fun?  Is she simple?  Is she bat shit?  Yah…a purse can tell you a lot about someone and even more so is what’s inside that purse!!  For some reason we used to switch bags and it would take forever to sort out the stuff from one purse to another and so on.  We have simplified our lives a touch and found some great tricks to keep purses tidy.  This week we are totally obsessed with what’s in our purse.  Shall we??

Michelle dumped hers out and this is what we found…  A Chanel card holder for just the essential cards she needs on a daily basis. Not that her visa number isn’t ingrained in her brain…  Then her two fave go to’s right now that we are totally obsessed with.  A clear MAC lipgloss for day to day and then a Matte red Louboutin lipstick for fun days and nights out.  You wanna switch bags?  No problem, she keeps all these petite items together in a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag.  So, all that needs to be swapped is that!  Easy, right?  Inside the cosmetic bag you’d find mints, headphones and of course, this Bvlgari Monica perfume.  the perfect size for a purse!

Moving on over to Samantha’s purse, we have found some real treasures here as well.  First and most likely most importantly, her Chanel change purse.  Who on this Earth likes their change just roaming free at the bottom of the purse? How about rattling around in their wallet?  Yeah, that’s right.  NONE OF US.  Thus, the almighty and all-necessary change purse!  Next, obviously we cannot handle dry hands around these parts.  Everyone knows how much we travel and thus, everyone knows how DRY our poor little skin gets.  We won’t have it. So, we problem solve on our own.  Never will you miss out on soft skin again.  Speaking of dry hands, does ANYONE like dry lips either?!  That’s what we though.  So La Mer, show us the way to lips that don’t crack, please and thanks!

What sorts of goodies are you carrying in your purse?!


Michelle and Samantha


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