Weekly Obsessions – Pink – July 1.0

This July we start a new chapter of summer fun obsessions!  This time with a pink focus.  There are so many things that come to mind, but we will narrow it down for you.  Summer fun comes in many forms as you will see this month – bear with us while we spoil you with items to obsess over and make you want just as much as we do!

This week we are loving pink!  It’s all about that summer colour of femininity and flirtatiousness.  First, we find it in these So Kate pumps by Louboutin.  They are so sexy and the colour and shape add length to your legs.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to add length to their legs?!  They pair so well with ripped boyfriend jeans for a date night look or cuffed shorts for a sexy look.  We are seriously obsessed!

Secondly, this lipgloss by Buxom, and available at Sephora, is our ultra-obsession!  It is a full on cream so no sparkles or glitter on your man – he’ll thank you – but it does have a plumping affect and totally works!  There’s a range of amazing colors and it’s really reasonably priced too!  We have one in every purse!  

Thirdly, we’ve got the Dior Rosy Glow Blush. It goes on so nicely and don’t be alarmed by it’s extreme pink colour; that is absolutely not what it looks like on.  It is a lot more subtle and perfect for your summertime make-up routine. 

Finally, we’ve got this pink jumpsuit for those glam nights out.  We know, we are totally straying away from our normal black on black on black outfits… Especially with this basic piece but the gorgeous blush pink.  We cannot help ourselves.  We are certain you agree!  Really look at how amazing it is; so feminine and just plain hot… In a girl next door way. 

We’ve definitely up’ed our girly pink game for this week… Hopefully we’ve inspired you to do the same!


Michelle & Samantha

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