Weekly Obsessions – Our Man’s Stuff – July 4.0

So July has been full of different obsessions for us!  Some were very feminine, others were very beachy.  This week we’ve gone a different route…  Sometimes we just love our man’s stuff!  We mean, their sweaters fit more fun, their jeans have inspired ours and who doesn’t love tossing on his hat to run and errand or two.  This week, we’re obsessing over things to share (shhhhh…just don’t tell him!).

First, his hat!  OMG we love their hats!!  Let’s be honest, they look so much cuter than ours do!  This week we’re obsessed over the Yankee hat.  Even Jay-Z (our real BF) made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.  We love the light material of this very rustic navy one.  Also, against all odds, this happens to be open in the back for that cute little pony tail to fit in!

Secondly, and because we are clearly head over heels for man’s hats is this Seahawks hat.  You guys know us, we love our black on black and our love for black on black in regards to our (man’s) hat game is no exception.  We’re also kind of thinking you’ll need two… we guess since they’ll probably want a hat to rock too?! 

Thirdly, we love ourselves some super white sneakers.  You know how obsessed we are with our Stan Smiths but cleaning them can be a pain!  This week, we’re featuring the shoe kit that he has (it’s buried, but he knows where it is) that keeps our sneaks on point!  We love when our shoes get buffed for us!

Lastly, we will never ever forget Sharon Stone at the 1998 Oscars; she looked stunning.  We imagine she was having one of those “I have nothing to wear moments” and decided she was going to get creative and pull a white button down shirt right out of her hubby’s closet.  Needless to say, we love it and do it more than we should… with more items than we should: t-shirts, sweaters, button downs… They are just lucky their pants don’t fit us! 

Happy shopping and sharing!


Michelle & Samantha

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