Weekly Obsessions June 4.0

Hey y’all!  Speaking of which… do you want to talk about one of our most favourite summer drinks?! Yeah, you’re right, it’s a Hey Y’all.  They are basically spiked ice tea that you can just sit and drink all day and night; it’s refreshing, it’s not sweet whatsoever and most importantly, it’s delicious. You should go find them at the stores (our American friends, upon a rather extensive hunt for these drinks in the USA, we cannot find them! We are thinking you need to make a nice trip to Canada to fix that).  

Let’s jump right into it and get started with this week’s obsessions.  Firstly, and going so well with the Hey Y’alls, is our obsessions with round beach towels.  They are all so charming and there are so many patterns to choose from.  Additionally, you can fit more people/items/etc. on them.  They are so great. Here’s one of our fave patterns:

Next, we’ve got a texturizing hair spray.  To begin, with this obsession we want to know if you’ve tried any OUAI products?!  We are head over heels in love with her products.  So much so, that maybe there might be an entire post dedicated to Ms. Jen Atkin, hair stylist/product goddess… Foreshadowing at its finest or what?!  If you have tried it, please let us know which ones and what you’d recommend… right now were recommending her texturizing hairspray… you know, beachy hair to go with your round towel and hey y’alls.

Third, we have shown you our fave Stan Smith’s by Adidas in leather and now they come in a knit shoe!  We are so in love!!  They look perfect with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts and on and on.  We love them!  They are in men’s sizes so be sure to buy 2 sizes down but they are femininely narrow still.  They are incredibly comfy and versatile!  PS…for our local fans, they are also available at Aritzia!

Lastly, we are fully obsessed with the Celine Micro bag in white.  It’s so hot for summer and we love the coloured touches in the stitching.  It’s such a great size and literally goes with anything and anywhere.  It’s our fave!  We have a black one and a black and white one but this one is our favourite for summer!

So ladies, as usual, let us know what you buy!


Michelle & Samantha

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