Weekly Obsessions – June 3.0

Good Morning World!  Here we are yet another week into June we’re calling it June 3.0 as you can tell (ok fine, should be 2.5 but does anyone else feel like 2016 will probably be over in an hour at the rate this year is going?!).  June 3.0 means new obsessions! Let’s get started shall we.

First up, the bralettes… were obsessed, she’s obsessed, their obsessed… everyone is and there’s numerous reasons as to why.  One: comfort. Two: SO cute. Three: goes under anything. Four: doesn’t restrict or confine you as much as a regular bra does.  Get on board ladies.  We are 100% there… current fave bralette is this Stella McCartney Elsa Bralette.  

Speaking of bras… if we can not wear them… let’s be honest… we won’t.  So what kind of great excuse does this top give us?!  There’s so many reasons why it’s our next obsession.  The obvious one listed above, and the slightly less obvious one it won’t stick to you in the summer heat… why?! Because there’s barely any back to allow it to stick to you! BREEZY WIN! Love it!

What’s a great piece of jewelry to pair with your lace bra or backless top?  Our favourite Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra mother of pearl earrings!  We love them!  They are feminine, but large enough to make a statement!  The pearl and gold pairs perfectly with anything and really adds a statement without bling or oversized jewelry.  They are so incredibly classy and we literally cannot get enough of staring at them!


Next we have to share with you our love affair with the Valentino rocketed pouch in pink.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s hot.  It’s so awesome!  The studs, the pink, the gold.  It’s just our favourite clutch purse right now that we are fully obsessing over!  It can dress up or dress down an outfit and adds that certain something you were searching for in your “look”.  We love it!


Happy Shopping Beauties!


Michelle & Samantha

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