Warmer Weather Wish List

We aren’t even going there today.  You’re sick of hearing it, experiencing it, and we are too!  So, instead of talking about how much we hate cold weather, we are going to jump right into what we need for spring and summer weather.  Our warmer weather wish list!  Here’s how it’s going down; we are going to tell you what we are seeking out for the summer months.  After we tell you, the sun will shine bright and the weather will become warmer.

Got it mother nature?!
We know you’re not listening… but we are done with this nasty crap you’re giving us!

She’s totally going to continue to ignore us.  Whatever, here’s what we are after:

We’ve said this time and time again, but we are very strong believers in it – sun safety.  Our first round of wish list items reflect a great deal of sun safety.  First, lip sugar.  Necessary.  SFP included!  Bonus.  Protect those lips and add some colour.  Second, sunglasses.  Everyone needs new sunglasses every season, obviously.  We love the Rayban clubmaster sunglasses for this years addition.

Next, and before we weasel our way into our favourite swim suits, we’ve got some work to do.  So, some must have workout items going into the spring/summer.  SO, workout pants.  Alo is our latest jam – they have taken black workout pants to a better level with their fun designs.  A perfect breeze can hit you through this pair.  Now a top, Lorna Jane has quickly escalated into a fan favourite.  Their fun graphic tee’s will never get old.  But to keep it consistent, we’ve stayed true to the mesh.

If you’re gonna be bearing some skin, you’ll need to glow.  And glow early.  No one likes to take their pasty, winter white skin into the sun and look like they just walked off the set of a Twilight movie.  In order to get that summer glow going now, we LOVE the St. Tropez line of tanning products.  Another sunshine favourite??  Be sure to check out our fave tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown.  It’s so soft and silky and light on your skin, you’ll love it!

Since we’re on the topic of bearing skin, you’ll have to do it in a bathing suit!!  This season (so far) we are all about the one piece.  Maybe it’s this winter shape we are in or maybe it’s because we’ve found some flattering ones that we just LOVE!!  Either way, they are more comfortable and equally cute as a bikini and we are loving what we are seeing for summer!  They can range in price from this cute nude one at Forever 21 (which has a great selection of swim stuff) to this black one from Indah.  We are always loving our swim suits from Indah!!

What are you after on your warmer weather wish list?!

Michelle & Samantha


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