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Ladies, do you like this Hallmark Holiday?!  No?  Amen to that, we’re not big fans of it either!  Why do we need a set day to celebrate your love for one another?!  Shouldn’t that be every day.  Seriously, if you need a day to celebrate your love we really want to ask you why?  Why are you joining in on all of these people just celebrating this day because every other day is just a normal day for you?  Get on our program, every day is Valentine’s Day!  Every day, we make an effort to do something little for the ones we love: pick up their favourite treat from the grocery store, make them their favourite meal, just spend the time giving them a true hug and enjoying your moment with them.  That’s what we love.

So for us, every days is Valentine’s Day, but for those of you who still do all of that PLUS want to celebrate Valentine’s day, we get it.  It can be fun in the cheesiest way possible.  Which is why we’ve got some great Valentine’s ideas lined up for you.  Starting with not celebrating Valentine’s Day on actual Valentine’s Day.  One, you’ll be able to avoid that crazy rush of couples doing all of the same things you are.  Two, you’ll be slightly more original than the rest of the folks.

So here’s what we’ll be doing (and probably the weekend before!):

Going Out:

First off, if you’re major foodies (not in the way which there is a poor connotation to it but in the way that we love eating our way through life) like us, there has got to be a special restaurant you were dying to try?  Well, an event is a perfect excuse to try it!  We love doing this on occasions that aren’t specific to one person (we all have our favourite restaurants we have to go to for our birthday dinners!).

Next, we love hitting up the movie theater for our Valentine’s Date Night.  Compromise on the movie you want to see though, don’t go see 50 Shades Darker or whatever it is called, that should be seen with your keen girl friends…. Unless your man is dying to see it!

Staying in:

Ah, our favourite options of staying in.  First staying in option, and arguably our favourite option: board games.  Either done on your own as a couple or with a great group of other couples.  We love doing this with groups of friends and playing our favourite, Catan with the Seafears expansion.  You really need to nerd out to play this game, but we are pretty sure you can find some willing friends.  If not, we’ve got some more suggestions, like cards or banana grams!

Finally, we love buying each other gifts… as in gifts that can be shared around the house like a warm cozy blanket or wine glasses followed by making dinner together.  For both items, we will usually pick something we both love.  We’ve got some great gift ideas below and for our food example, we will be willing to try out a new pasta recipe, like Chicken Parmesan, or learning how to make Pho broth.  Whatever food type you both obsess over is where we start and then our cookbooks and pinterest guide our way!  Have a look at our healthy meals pinterest board for some inspiration.  Something the two of you can gift to each other?  “Matching” cashmere Burberry scarves!  They are really cozy and warm and you can get different colours so that he’s not freaking out that you’re “that” couple.  Then it’s fun to wear them to go walking or snowshoeing or just on a cold winter’s day!  Here are some ideas for gifts for the two of you to enjoy…over and over.




We hope we inspired some of your plans! Please let us know what you end up doing.


Michelle & Samantha

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