Vacay Mode: Swimsuit Cover-Ups

Hawaiian beaches are treating us well and the pineapple based cocktails cannot be consumed fast enough!  We adore this lifestyle and wish you all were here with us!  That being said, since you can’t be with us we’re bringing a little bit to you!  So, let’s talk about bathing suits and more specifically, about how to cover them up!  We love a cute bikini like the rest of you, who doesn’t?!  It’s just that we want to look just as cute getting to and from the pool or beach as we do AT the pool or beach.  So, this week we are looking at our favourite beach coverups and how cute they look over bikinis!  

Let’s start with Sam.  She’s a total bikini’ista!  Is that a thing?  It should be!  She always has an adorable bathing suit on hand and on body.  She’s covering up this one with our beloved Pitusa Inca sundress.  It’s one piece and sometimes we underestimate the beauty of a one piece beach cover up.  It’s not such a struggle to get out of and into once you’re lathered up in sunscreen and a hot mess at the end of the day!  Trust us – no one looks good struggling in and out of a coverup feeling like a sausage!  The colour of this coverup looks so good with sun-kissed skin and that sun-filled glow!

What we love most about the Pitusa sundress is the colour and the trim.  The colour is the same as the ocean we want to be in!  We love it!  Juse as cute as the front of the coverup is the open low sides and the gathered back of it.  The back is so hot and shows off the sides of your bikini as well!  We love the perfect length of it and how it’s just above our feet so it never gets stuck under our flip flops!

Coverup here | Sunglasses here | Bikini here |

Michelle has gone that risky two piece route we talked about earlier!  LOL.  She is wearing palm print bottoms with a white top that has cut outs.  This is so airy and breathable – it’s the best of the two piece world.  To make it easier, the bottoms have a draw string and the top has a back zipper so that it’s easier to slip on and off.  We love the palm print bottoms that have the sheer look!  They are long and flowy and breath so well!  

We’ve paired this top and bottom with a cute coloured bikini underneath since you can see through the top.  We love the pop of colour underneath and how it pulls out the pink highlights in the pants.  This is so perfect for that poolside bar!  We love how we can show our tan off through the cutouts of the shirt!  It’s our favourite thing!

Bottoms here | Top here | Bikini top here | Sunglasses here |

Happy beaching!


Samantha and Michelle

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