Turtlenecks.  How do you feel about them?  We love them!  Check that, we love them when the neck is loose!  That tight collar against your neck inside a warm room makes us feel like our personal space is being invaded.  Loose necks it is!  This season we’re seeing them all over, in all colours, patterns and materials.  We are digging the sleeveless look with leather leggings for a date night and we are loving the long ones for the office during the day.  Let’s take a look at how we’re wearing them this week…

Michelle has on the ultimate layering turtleneck.  It has a loose neckline – check.  It is shorter so can be layered easily – check.  Such a win win.  This turtleneck sweater comes to the waistline of your jeans.  It also looks soooo cute with boyfriend style jeans and your Adidas Stan Smiths!  It gives that little waist line a peek-a-boo feel!  We have layered this one with a striped long sleeve shirt so that when we get to where we’re going, we have a great top underneath.  Nothing is complete without a YSL tassel purse and our Louboutin boots!

Did we mention the zippers?!  This turtleneck has the cutest zip sleeves so that when you want that more hipster look or when you’re smoking hot inside somewhere, you don’t have to take off your sweater, you can unzip your sleeve!  Love the added dimension and depth it brings to the outfit with the stripes underneath!


Turtleneck here, similar here | Shirt here | Leggings here | Boots here | Purse here |

Next up, we’ve got Samantha rocking our classic black.  If you’re a nervous turlteneck-er, black turtlenecks are the way to go.  They can be dressed up or down so easily.  As you can see with both of our outfits, we also tend to steer away from the super tight turtlenecks – unless you’ve accessorized with just the right pieces.  Here we’ve got a more casual look for weekend errands.  Weekends where comfort is key so the non-skin tight outfits really win with us.  


As you can see, the length of this turtle neck is perfection.  You can wear it with leggings, joggers, jeans, or comfy cargo-style pants like we have.  Paired with a great pair of espadrilles and Gucci… We don’t need to tell you that it works, we’re just showing you instead.  Finally, to top it all off, we’ve got a beautiful necklace from Audaviv.  Remember, we’ve got a 10% off code: CHAMPAGNECHICLIFE. Turtlenecks-fall-fashion

Turtleneck similar here | Pants here | Bag here | Necklace here | Shoes here |

Are you guys rocking turtlenecks this fall?!  We want to see!!!  Tag us in your photos.


Michelle & Samantha 

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