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Do we love traveling?  We adore everything about it!  New places, vibrant cultures, amazing food and endless exploration.  We are hooked, if that’s such a thing??  Well, we are.  We seize every opportunity that we have and have had to make the best of doing a trip somewhere and learning or experiencing something new.  So, what’s next on our bucket list and what are our favourite ways to explore?  Let’s see….

We read a ton about traveling and our Texture app is full of travel mags always giving us inspiration for something new.  One of our favourite books is 1000 Ultimate Experiences by Lonely Planet.  It always gets our travel cylinders firing and inspires us to check things off our travel bucket list!  Sunset and Travel + Liesure magazines are our two faves for kicking back with and getting invigorated by.  Nothing like a Bailey’s and tea on a rainy afternoon to read about sunny destinations!!

Samantha’s travel bucket list is all over the map (literally!) starting out with the French Polynesians – Bora Bora and Tahiti have been high up on her hit list since she was a little girl.  The appeal?! Crisp, clear, beautiful aqua-marine ocean with villas that extend out into it.  Seriously?! How dreamy is that?! On the other side of the map, and a totally different holiday, Tanzania.  Random?! Yes.  But, African Safari?! YES PLEASE.  What an incredible experience that no one could ever take away from you. Seeing such nature so close up (but hopefully from a safe distance) is high up on this girls travel bucket list.

Michelle’s travel bucket list is so about Morocco, Bali, Budapest and Prague right now.  Ok, so Morocco and Bali couldn’t be more different from one another or from Budapest and Prague for that matter, but that’s what makes a travel bucket list so great!  It lets your mind run wild about the idea of exploring somewhere new.  Not to mention seasonally Bali works when Prague and Budapest are freezing cold and Morocco is perfect in between!

What’s on your travel bucket list?


Samantha and Michelle


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