Transitioning From Day to Night

Life is busy.  We all know that and we’ve all been in that frantic dash where you have less than 30 seconds at home after work to get it together.  In that moment how late you are for your next engagement is racing through your mind. What’s also racing through your mind is how on earth are you meant to sort out an outfit in less than 30 seconds?!  There’s many more things running through your mind, but we’re guessing those are your top two.  This is exactly why we’ve dedicated an entire post to going from day to night. 

Today we will start out with our day outfits and in particular with our favourite all black outfit.

However, before we do that, we want to laid it on the table for you with these super handy diagrams.  On the left, we’ve got our day accessories and on the right we’ve got our night accessories. 

You’ll notice a few key things when it comes to day to night outfit planning.  The main pieces stay (i.e., pants and top) and the less vital pieces are the ones that’ll change your outfits.

Today, we’ve got diagrams AND photos, just to further explain out points.  So first, day outfit.  This is a perfect headed to work outfit; it’s all black and it’s all classics.

The Celine Medium Luggage Tote to carry note books, iPads, or whatever else might need for those meetings paired with the Valentino flats in this outfit really tone it down.  Toning it down is especially needed when you’re getting away with wearing faux leather leggings to the office.  Additionally, helping in the matter is the very classic black blazer.

Leggings here | Shirt here | Blazer here | Shoes here | Purse here

Ok, change up.  After work drinks, dinner, function, event, or whatever it might be is almost underway and you need to figure out how to jazz it up. One, LIP STICK.  Lip stick will be your best friend going from day to night; we probably could have stopped there but we didn’t.  We’ve also got a statement necklace, high heels, and a smaller bag ready for action. Literally this is a 3 minute process but a big change; very small but very visible difference from day to night.

Leggings here | Shirt here | Necklace similar here and here | Purse similar here | Shoes here | Lipstick here |

Here we are with another awesome transition outfit.  Picture this, day time at the market, at the mall, running all those errands you need to get done, or (our favourite option) patio lounging with some friends and a cocktail in hand. Wouldn’t you wear this?! We would, obviously, we are right now!

Ripped jeans can give that relaxed look so easily, they can also be shifted into a more glam look quick as you’ll see below.  Our favourite tee can give the same vibe.  It’s basically a glamorous tee, because Celine said so (thank you Celine!), but paired with the right things it can be that relaxed tee.

Paired with the right things like Chanel espadrilles and a Prada canvas tote.  Seriously, this outfit could not be more perfect for a day time event.  Whose having a BBQ?! We want to come over!

Jeans here | Shirt here | Shoes similar here | Bag similar here | Sunglasses here |

This outfit went from day to night SO easily.  Didn’t believe us that this tee can be glam?! We’re sure you do now. High heels, check.  Lipstick, check. Smaller bag, check. Hot belt, check. Gorgeous blazer, check. All of these equals mega hot evening out outfit.  Nailed it with the day to night CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.  Again, we just need to point out 5 minutes or less with this and you are out the door in essentially, a totally different outfit.

Jeans here | Shirt here | Shoes here | Purse here |Blazer similar here |Belt here | Lipstick here |

Hot damn we look good and it only took 5 minutes (after we were dressed the first time;) ).  Finally, we want to wish you a happy day to night outfit hunting.


Michelle & Samantha 

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