Three Things We Can’t Live Without

We’re not sure about you, but there are simplicities in life we just can’t live without.  We don’t mean stuck on an island kind of live without, we mean the things that make our days easier and the things that make our days more simple.  It is summer after all and we want to maximize our time outside and on a patio!!  So, let’s see what it is that we are in need of (besides our families and a cold bevie)…

Michelle literally just had to look in her hands a few days in a row to realize that the three things she can’t live without are very obvious.  She has a new fetish with drinking water – and lots of it.  Like to the point where we had to google if you can consume too much water (and you can).  Her S’well bottle makes that so much easier.  Usually you’ll find water in it, occasionally you’ll find iced tea and sometimes you’ll find tea with Baileys in it.  It’s like a grab bag at a corner store…you just never know!

A pair of Rayban Justin’s and Stan Smith knit sneakers take her the rest of the way.  Seriously…Adidas over Loubs??  Yup…as a “can’t live without item” the Adidas win all day long.  They look great with shorts, jeans, skirts and dresses.  You can go almost anywhere you wanna go with these kicks.  And Justin Raybans?  Yah…they are black so they go dressy or casual based on colour and they are so perfect for the summer in shape and style.  They are always handy!!

Samantha is always about getting ready efficiently and effectively  which is what here three things revolve around.  First and foremost, and we know we sound like a broken record here, is sun safety.  Especially in the summer time, we add in sunscreen application (particularly face-screen) to our morning routines and, even better, mix it in with our face lotion.  It becomes habit, and trust us, you will thank us (or at the very least you skin will) when you’re older.  We find skinceuticals to be light and easy on our skin.  Next up, Samantha is not quite as blessed with voluminous hair like Michelle so she does whatever she can to get that extra bounce in.  So, we have the Oribe Hair Plumping Moose.  Hair dry or not, this guy adds a that extra bounce we can never get ourselves.  Finally, our scent.  Can’t go anywhere without a little spritz of something delicious. Personally, we obsesses over vanilla (fresh baked cookies anyone?!) but have a few other faves too.

What are the three things you can’t live without?!

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