Tea and Coffee Accessories Obsession

Coffee and tea are literally how we get through our days.  Lattes to start our day and baileys in our tea mid day.  True story.  Don’t tell our bosses!  We love how relaxing it is to just sit with your coffee or tea mug and have a nice big sigh and a moment to ourselves in an otherwise hectic and demanding world.  That being said, we are obsessed with accessorizing almost every aspect of our lives, so why should our tea and coffee rituals be any different?!  Let’s see what coffee and tea accessories we are obsessing over this week…

First, you wouldn’t just use any old handbag with a gorgeous dress and you wouldn’t pair crappy shoes with a cute outfit, so why would you make your tea in an old kettle?!  Out with the old and in with the new!  We are obsessed with this bright red KitchenAid tea kettle.  We love the pop of colour in the kitchen and we love that it looks so good it doesn’t need to be kept in a cupboard hiding because of how ugly it is!!


Second, what’s a coffee or tea without the accessory of a nibble?  Don’t lie, you know that you like a little biscuit, cookie or macaroon with your morning bevie.  We all do.  Are you kidding that you don’t wanna dunk a chocolate coated wafer cookie in your coffee or tea?  Yah…you’re only fooling yourself.  We are OBSESSED with his Tom Dixon copped biscuit server.  Even Tom Dixon can admit that coffee and tea need the accessory of food!


Third, everyone needs something reliable to steep that tea with.  We love funny tea infusers.  This sloth is a perfect example.  Slowly steeping your tea.  There’s so many other great options as well.  Great options like the flamingo tea infuser pictured below.

Fourth, who doesn’t need something to scoop out that precious tea and coffee with?! Yeah thats what we thought.  There’s nothing worse than using a regular old spoon.  BORING.  Let’s go with prettier ones like the gold one we’ve found below.  Obsessed much?!

Enjoy those coffees and teas with some new found accessories.


Michelle & Samantha

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