Sweaters in the Summer

We don’t know about you but we are full on obsessed with sweaters.  If we were you, we would also note that it would be rare for either of us to say “we cannot wait for fall”.  We get that if seasons were to have a Greek God assigned to them, there would need to be a new God for fall, the Fashion God… most likely called Moda… Feel free to disagree with that one.  Pretty sure the name is bang on though!

Digression over… Where were we?!  Right… we are total heat seekers and will never get enough sunshine and warmth (except at night of course, where a more Arctic temperature is bearable).  Hence, summer can stay strong and we can bring sweaters to summer.  Don’t believe us?  Our looks are below…

First up, we’ve got Samantha rocking her very light knit sweater with the lace back.  Perfect for a breezy summer day or night.  The sweaters we are wearing are so lightweight.  Choosing to pair them with shorts is a match made in heaven.  We were however, careful not to choose anything too heavy otherwise it would not have worked out as well.

As the front of this sweater is quite plain, we’ve paired a long necklace to add some visual interest in the front.  Pairing the shorts with heels gives us our desired long legs.  Additionally, we keep our purse simple and took our Chanel wallet on chain and turned it into a simple clutch. Purse justification… it’s a 2 in 1!

Sweater here | Shorts here | Shoes similar here | Purse here | Necklace similar here | Bracelets here and here |

Next, Michelle, has paired a beige linen lightweight sweater with jean shorts.  It’s so perfect for that cooler evening and the linen material gives that summer feel.  Linen in general screams summer, so when it’s long sleeved it is so perfect!  We have paired it with Jean shorts and slip on boots for a later afternoon or night time look.

Paired with a long gold and beaded necklace this summer sweater looks really cute!  It also pairs well over a tank top for a layered look if you’re going from day time to night time.  We love it with white or navy!

Sweater here | Shorts here | Boots here | Purse here | Necklace here | Bracelets here

So here’s to wishing for a never ending summer with cool fall nights?  We can have it all, right?



Michelle & Samantha 

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