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Friends, it’s technically summer AND it’s actually sunny and warm.  It’s really here!  We aren’t messing around and we are so very thrilled to see it come to light!  Literally, we are totally done with the dark and stormy days.  THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE FOR SOME REAL GOOD OLD FASHIONED SUNLIGHT.  We don’t complain about the heat, we don’t complain if we get a sunburn, we don’t complain if we forget our hat or sunglasses at home.  Why?!  Because this weather really is too good to be true and we are OBSESSED.  So, now that that rant is over, we should get to the point: our sunglasses obsessions.

First up, we have our favourite club master’s.  Ray Ban really did it right here.  These are classic, slightly hipster, but still wearable even if you’re not that hip, kind of glasses. We are totally into them and we are totally not that hipster but can be super trendy.  Does that count?!

Next, we all need that pair of sunnies we really don’t care about.  The sunglasses that if we wear to the beach, into the ocean, and then caught up into a wave we aren’t going to be overly pissed that we went into the water.  We mean, lost your sunglasses.  These beauties are fun, trendy, and care free. All things we are on board with during the summer months.

Third, are a fun take on an aviator pair from Ferragamo.  We love the shiny black frames and gold accent in.  We also love when sunglasses don’t have prongs so they don’t pull on our pretty hair!!  These puppies look soooo good day and night!

Lastly, is the classic baroque style from Prada.  When you have messy beach hair and are rushed into your evening, these are the perfect accompaniment and modern style to wear on your face or on your head.  Cuz, let’s face it friends, the way a pair of sunglasses looks on your face is just as important as how they look on your head!

What are your favourite sunglasses?


Samantha and Michelle

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