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Sunday funday, right?  In the summer that seems so much easier and more fun than it does in mid-February.  Right now our Sunday funday’s seem to consist of keeping cozy, lighting a fire and getting some much needed down time!  So, how are we spending our Sunday’s and keeping them cozy??  Let’s see!

Sunday’s are always cozy with an issue of Vogue, a fur blanket and the best hot chocolate around!  We love our fur blanket!!  We were given it as a gift and have not stopped curling up in it since!  We have done the leg work for you and found the best hot chocolate recipe from Bon Appetit.  You’ll never stop making it – and please don’t judge the amount of marshmallows are are structurally  Apple to jam in our mug.  It’s a science we’ve been perfecting all winter long!  We both love all things Apple and our ipad is no exception, especially with our Texture app that loads up all our magazines to make it so convenient to flip through and screenshot ideas and save!  Sunday’s are a lot cozier under the blanket in marshmallow heaven!



We also utilize our Sundays for serious R&R depending on how your feeling.  If you’re totally bogged down at work and really need to unwind we will totally unplug.  No phone, no TV, no computer, no ipad.  Throw in a book, a magazine, breakfast in bed, or just plain sleep.  We find cozy activities without social media or any distractions really gives you some much needed time to reconnect with yourself and those at home.  It also lets yo tackle Monday totally rejuvenated and ready to go.  Do we even need to mention this lets us stay warm and cozy in our pajamas all day?!  Our latest and greatest favourite sleep shirt as shown below is found here.

How are you spending your cozy Sundays?!


Samantha & Michelle

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