Summer Sequins

Sequins…not just for Christmas parties and fancy dresses.  They are more than just a cliche 80’s accoutrement to an outfit and they definitely don’t need shoulder pads to be pulled off!  Not only is it not 1984 and it’s not Christmas – it’s SUMMER and right smack dab in the middle of it.  So what are we doing with shiny little things on our outfits?!  We are having fun with them, that’s what!!  Let’s take a look at how we are wearing summer sequins in our lives all day and all night!

Let’s start with the most casual way, shall we?!  Thought so.  This sequinned top is shorter at the front to give a little bit of a crop look and pairs soooo cute with jean shorts, very fun white wedges and a plain purse so that the beading on the top is what really stands out.  We love the pale tones on this outfit so that nothing is loud or obnoxious on it and you can go from day patio to evening patio quite easily!

Top here | Shorts here | Shoes here | Purse here | Rings here and here |

Next, we’ve kept with the beaded top, this one is a bit more sheer so you can be playful or not depending on what you wear underneath (please wear something underneath, don’t be that girl).  We have paired this blush coloured sequin top with high waisted textured off white shorts that are dressier and matched them with our fave blush cut-out heels from Zara.  We muted the basic Louis Vuitton clutch and silver jewelry so that the top pops!

Top here | Shorts here | Heels here | Purse here | Bracelets here and here | Earrings here |

Now we move to the dress of all dresses.  This sequin number is our fave!  We apologize for the repeat on our blog but we adore this dress.  It’s incredibly comfy and so fun to play with.  It can go with Adidas tennis shoes or white Louboutins (as shown).  We love how it is so versatile and so much fun.  We have paired it with this floral purse just for some fun!

Dress here | Shoes here | Purse here |

Last, we saved not only the “dressiest” but the most feminine version of sequins.  We love this floral skirt so much and it looks adorable with this sheer off white sequin top that is so girly and feminine we almost can’t stand how much we love it.  We paired it with the most feminine purse we can think of – the classic Chanel bag and some patent wedge sandals.

Skirt here | Top here | Purse here | Shoes here | Sunglasses here |

How are you rocking sequins this summer?


Samantha and Michelle

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