Summer Bag Obsessed

We are always obsessed with bags but instead of obsessing over a new one each week, we’ve decided to go easy on our readers and do it seasonally.  So, here we are in the middle of summer.  And here are the CCL girls obsessed with bags.  What does that give us?!  Our very first summer bag obsession.  How excited are we?!  On our end, we are probably more excited than you and we know it.  Should we just dive into which bags we are storing our mass amounts of useless stuff in this summer?!

First up, well sort of.  It’s more like a three in one here. White bags. Obviously, it’s summer time. Why wouldn’t we obsess over white bags?!  Clearly, we are strong believers in seasonal colours: spring/summer = white, fall/winter = black.  Here we are in the summer showing you some of our top white bags.  Celine, Chanel, and Prada.  To be honest, shopstyle didn’t have the Prada bag we love the most that’s pictured below.

Second, convertible bags?! Whatever will they think of next?  Here it is, the All-Saints convertible bag.  Want a backpack? Sure, no problem.  Want an over the shoulder strap? Yup, we’ve got that too.  Seriously, how freaking amazing is a bag like this? #amazed

Third, blue Celine.  The most perfect bag to bring with you anywhere.  Perfect for a weekend getaway, that lounge day at the pool, or even if you’re brave enough to bring it to the beach and risk getting sand in it.  We are barely brave enough to go into the water at the beach so you’ll find us using this bag poolside.  Or for a quick trip!

Fourth, this cute little black clutch.  Okay fine, seasonal doesn’t necessarily mean light colours.  Really, if you’re going out at night odds are high, especially if you’re anything like us, that you will go for that black jumpsuit or romper.  Did we nail it?! Go for some light pink or red lipstick.  Whatever, this black clutch is cute and you know it!

What summer bag are you obsessing over?!


Michelle & Samantha

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