If you follow us religiously every week – and you obviously do, you’re clearly aware of a few things about us.  First, we enjoy champagne. Second, we struggle not to wear black on black.  Third, we crave summer and warm weather.  The first thing is easy to solve and an easy life motto to live by.  The black on black and summer thing are harder!  What’s a girl to do when she’s not busy wearing a beautiful noir ensemble?  Especially in the heat?!  We have tackled both those issues this week with stripes and dresses together!!

Michelle is wearing a lace up striped dress.  Who doesn’t love a shorter summer dress that laces up?!  Yah…we are in love with this one!  So comfy and just loose enough that it doesn’t stick to you in an unflattering way!  We love how it looks with a jean jacket or leather jacket and runners or how we have it accessorized!

We have paired this one with a black purse so the stripes are the focus.  Speaking of focus, can you even handle these Louboutin boots with the cut outs and peep toes?  We are in love with this outfit as our summer go to!  These boots are so great with shorts and skirts as well as with thicker tights all winter long!!

Dress here | Purse here | Shoes here | Sunglasses here |

Next up, in a very similar striped dress but a little less bad ass, a little more feminine, we’ve got Samantha.  Oh Kate Spade, you’ve stolen all of our little feminist hearts.  Your perfect silhouettes can make any woman feel comfortable and smoking hot at the exact same time.  This dress is no exception.

The neckline on this beauty is something that no one should mess with.  At first glance, it’s just a plain old striped dress.  As you look closer the details along the neck make it come together.  The way it perfectly snugs into the smallest part of your hip too?! UGH amazing.  Obviously we had to pair it with pinks to play off of the delicacy of the neckline.  Not to worry, we aren’t that delicate.  We still get up every morning plotting to take over the world. NO BIG DEAL.

Dress Here | Shoes here | Purse here | Sunglasses here |

What stripes can we see you rocking this summer?!


Michelle & Samantha

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