Staying fit on Vacation

Constantly heading out of town makes routines including staying fit and healthy difficult.  No one finds it easy and if you do, let us know how!  Sometimes things like Classpass makes it easier or having a great hotel gym right there, but still.  It’s so much effort with jet lag and a million other things on the go to make time for that workout!  Plus you have to get up AND put your cocktail down.  OMG, like we said, so much work!  

We kid, sort of.  We try our best to stay healthy on vacay.  Sometimes that just means having a balanced breakfast of granola and yogurt or a salad for lunch. Ration those eggs, sausage and hash browns or burgers.  Sometimes it means sourcing out a hike or getting out of your lounge chair and swimming laps.  On vacay we’ve learned that something is better than nothing.  Although it may not be the intensity of your routine at home, there’s always something to do that makes you feel good.  

One thing we’ve come to rely on over the years is wifi.  With that, our favourite girl, Lacey Kondi, has her workout videos online.  She has a dvd too!  But online is very easy with our iPads, beach towel and perfect green grass at our doorstep.  You can mix and match routines on her site to make your workout the length you desire and intensity you’re looking to be pushed too.  You can check out her videos here and see why we love them so much!  They will for sure inspire you too!

Another way to feel good on vacay is to make it fun.  Yes, we heard ourselves too.  We’re struggling with that line just as much as you are, but here’s how we do it.  We try to get out and do it early.  It’s hard to motivate after lunch (which usually involves a cocktail and a sun-filled downward spiral).  So, get up, get your light breaky in and get out.  

So here’s how we make it fun…  We like finding medium-intensity hikes that end up at a waterfall and since we’re in Maui, that’s not too hard to do!  We also, like to find local juice spots that we plan to hit after a hike as a reward if a picture perfect waterfall seems like a tall order!  How else can you make it fun?  Let your exercise also be your way of exploring.  Exploring or learning new activities like paddleboard or surfing (even if it’s in a lesson) or finding a local seawall and do a run/walk.  All of these things are a great way to start your day in Paradise or on the go in a foreign city.

The most important thing about working out while you’re on vacay is to make it easy on yourself.  We know that you don’t want to pack a million pairs of runners, so find one that works for most situations (running, walking, hiking).  Make it easier on yourself by packing a second shirt for when you get back to the car after a hike so that you don’t have to sit in your gross and sweaty one.  We also always pack some gentle face wipes so that you don’t feel like a salty mess after you’re done your fitness – bitness.  

Most importantly, enjoy your vacay!  If you’re fitness routine takes a break or a couple days off, so be it.  Enjoy yourself and spoil yourself – that’s why you’re there in the first place!  

Happy health babes!


Samantha and Michelle 

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