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We know we talk about the weather a lot, but so do you.  Well, we are pretty sure you do.  But seriously, how much does it suck when it’s dark and gloomy out?!  And further to that point, how amazing is it when it’s sunny and nice?!  We obviously chase those sunny nice days as often as humanly possible.  By chase, we typically mean leave Vancouver… but we also take full advantage when we have it here.  Full advantage includes how we dress.  Today, we are talking about how we dress in sunnier spring weather but still keep warm.  Did we give it away yet?  We should have, it’s in the title, DUH!  Spring jackets.  Let’s start shall we.

First up, Michelle is making gloomy and rainy days brighter with this AMAZING floral jacket.  April showers bring May flowers, right??  We’ll see, but in the meantime a girl can hope!  We love how this jacket stays open and doesn’t feature a closure.  And the length!!  We love how it elongates the body!!

So, you wanna rock pink or floral and don’t know what to pair it with?  Try our fave go-to GOLD!  The gold heels and purse compliment it and help brighten up even the most basic jeans and white top outfit!  Plus, when you lose the jacket, you still have a great outfit going on!

Jacket here | Jeans here | Top here | Shoes here | Purse here |

Next, Samantha is wearing her absolute favourite white spring jacket.  White, which mustn’t be worn in the rain, on a muddy day, or any day in which you might get it dirty (ok, so never wear white?!), is what we are obsessed with going into the new season.  We are braving the potential spills every time we wear this jacket, but are totally ok with it.  It’s classic, you can wear it with anything, and well, obviously, we can’t get enough of it!

The details on the sleeves are so beautiful and really speak to us on this one.  It’s not just a white jacket, it’s got that feminine flair to go with it as well.  We love how it literally pairs so well with everything, but in particular, how white on white looks so good, even if it’s subtle like this jacket/blouse pairing. Obsessed all day long!

Jacket here, similar here | Blouse similar here and here | Pants here | Shoes here | Purse here

What spring jackets are you rocking?!


Michelle & Samantha

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