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Is this winter weather wreaking havoc on your skin too?!  The dry cold or the never ending damp seems to create such an imbalance.  Good thing we love skincare lines and cosmetic counters!!  Have we got some ideas and suggestions for your skincare and beauty products to keep your skin glowing like JLo’s!!

First, we want to talk about brands.  A lot of us have our own special skincare brand that we obsess over, but all too often there is someone who literally does not care what they are using at all.  To those people we say, that ain’t good for your skin girlfriend (or manfriend if there are some men reading this post – PS skincaare is equally as important for you)!   So, we’ve got a few brands we love and obsess over.  As her daily skincare routine, Samantha uses skinceuticals.  Be warned, these products are not cheap! But we like to think of it as an investment into our youth.  Some of our favourites are below, but we use their exfoliant, facewash, emollience face moisturizer, and face sunscreen.  Each of these have different properties and gives us that special glow.

Now we’d also recommend finding a facialist that uses nicer products – they will then recommend products that are well suited to your exact skin types. Don’t necessarily just go off what we’ve got here as my face might be oily and your face might be dry.  Then, shit! You have the wrong product.

Next, Michelle’s routine starts with…most importantly…moisturizer.  It’s so key!!  She loves Physiodermie skincare because it’s so light and has such amazing coverage. She also wouldn’t be anywhere without Bobby Brown’s tinted moisturizer!  It is so perfect….lightweight, a ton of shades to choose from and even has SPF in it!!

Secondly…that glow.  How DO those girls do it??  They seem to have this never ending glow and shimmer to their skin!! We’ve got the low down…  To give us a little help in the glow department mid-winter, we rely on Sephora’s tinted self-tanning body mist.  A quick spritz on the face and you’ll be so impressed.  It just leaves a glow, not like other tanners, and it doesn’t make you orange either!  Her MAC bronzer has a little shimmer to it and gives such an amazing glow to your cheeks and body….she keeps this on her at all times!

Lastly, taking it all off…makeup that is.  Michelle’s go – to way of removing that clutter on her face is Simple brand’s cleaning facial wipes. They will literally be the cheapest thing in your beauty routine drawer but they are the most effective.  Additionally, they are so amazing for taking off your makeup and products!  They fit easily in your purse and have small packages for traveling.  You can find them anywhere!!  Trust us…these are life changing!!

What are your top skincare and beauty products?


Samantha and Michelle

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