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So we are skiers.  No doubt about it…total skiers.  Best part about skiing?  Apres.  Yup, it’s our favourite!  The taste of that Caesar once it hits your lips – oh man…it’s worth every turn, mogul and inch of powder.  Now, we’ve been known to apres pre-lunch but on a normal day we save it for the afternoon.  We stick to Whistler Blackcomb mountain and apres our butts off there!  Our favourite place on the mountain is at Horstman Hut.  In Whistler Village is the Longhorn or Garibladi Lift Company.  In Creekside is definitely Dusty’s where we can easily spend the afternoon/early evening.

Let’s talk about our ski style during the day.  First, we’ve got Samantha wearing what she’d normally wear with a day on the slopes.  The one issue with most ski suits is how to make them look cute on ladies.  They are so baggy and non-form fitting.  Our other issue is how to stay warm.  As we sit here and type this, our fingers and toes are frozen.   We need not say more.  Let’s get to the outfit and how we keep it sleek and warm.

Step one, HEATED GLOVES.  No joke ladies, this is a mega game changer and will minimize your complaints.  We also have boot warmers.  A must invest in if you are like us.  Next, we’re wearing all Patagonia for our outwear.  Patagonia and/or Arcteryx keeps you dry, keeps you crazy warm, and is well fitted for a ski suit.  Their technology is unbeatable.  Triple layer gortex.  Underneath, we’ve obviously got a puffy down jacket from uniqulo – great price point for a great product – and some long underwear.

Pants here | Jacket here | Gloves here | Second Layer here | Long Underwear here |

And now onto the arguably more important question: when we apres, what do we wear?  We need to look cute, cozy and keep warm.  So, how do you do that?  Even if you’re not a skier and you didn’t just spend the day on the hill but you still wanna look ski bunny’esque, we’ve got you covered on ski style!  It’s really easy because mostly anything goes.  From bold colours to googles on your head still, there’s no rules and there’s only fun.  Ski style literally knows no bounds…wait…we take that back.  The boundary is at those oversized sweaters and tshirts that snowboarders wear.  There’s no place for those things in cute ski style!

Michelle’s North Face boots just scream mountain, cute, fur and fun.  Paired with leggings, a long sleeve black shirt and knit vest…this outfit is a total go to and perfect ski style for hitting the village at the end of the day.  It’s also an outfit that you can easily wear from apres to dinner and feel good and comfortable in!

Boots here | Leggings here | Toque here | Shirt here | Vest here |

How cute of a ski bunny are you?!


Samantha and Michelle

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