Shorts and Heels

Anyone else obsessed with the way their legs look in high heels?!  Yeah us too, despite constantly being told how bad they are for your feet and your calves, we do it anyways.  Wear heels a lot?  Think we are totally out to lunch on this whole “heels are bad for your feet” thing?  Okay, try to do a squat.  Did you do it?!  Okay, now try to do a squat in your heels.  Easier, right?!  Yeah, that’s NOT ok.  It’s just a sign as to how tight your calves are from wearing heels all the time.  Don’t do squats?  Well then aren’t we lucky *end insanely sarcastic voice.  Despite that little bit of jealous, you may as well keep reading about how were STILL wearing heels and not listening to what anyone else says too.  Shorts and heels coming at you!

Our first shorts and heels pairing has some COLOUR.  Hallelujah.  We are finally getting somewhere.  Are all of you completely sick of our really boring colour schemes?!  Well we are not – FYI.  We like being boring, and when we do change it up, like with these magic wedges you are all surprised and enjoy it.  So there.

We’ve gone with the all white shorts and heels outfit and decided to bring in that little magic pop.  Not only do most stand out in heels and shorts as shorts usually are regarded as more casual attire, but we really brought the standout brightness today.  We love pairing shorts with wedges too as it helps bridge that “relaxed”/”dressed up” gap you can sometimes see.

Top similar here | Shorts here | Shoes similar here | Purse here |

The next set of shorts and heels are the kind that you can wear day or night or anywhere in between.  Back to black.  Shocking.  That really didn’t take us long at all!  Black heels and a black sleeveless top make these ripped jeans work into the evening and beyond.  Louboutins have a way of doing that…

We love pairing distressed jean shorts with dressy heels and adding anything else with it.  It gives more versatility to an outfit and is incredibly fun to rock anywhere from patio to patio.  This outfit can easily be altered by swapping ripped jean shorts for dressy black cuffed ones and you have yourself a whole new look!  Try it out!

Shorts here | Top here | Shoes here | Purse here | Bracelets here and here |

Where are you rocking shorts and heels?


Samantha and Michelle

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