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Obviously we had to take some JT lyrics and put it into our post.  We don’t actually think this is is the first time we’ve done this.  Shocker, right!?  Regardless we’re bringing sexy back… yeah!  Okay, well in fairness, we aren’t actually bringing “sexy back”.  More like pulling off some outfits that show our sexy back.  What do you think about that?!  Hopefully you like it as much as we like it.   Breezy, sexy, cool.  First throwing out JT, now were 66% on our way to a TCL album too.  We are very into the throw-BACKs right now.  God we’re funny.

Let’s get started.

First, per our monochromatic ways, we have our white open back top paired with some grey skinny jeans, and a black clutch.  A few things about this.  One, we clearly love our monochromatic tones and it proves to work in our favour here: everything is a different colour, but everything still goes together in a non-obnoxious way.  Take that colour, we don’t need you!  Just kidding, don’t be mad.  Two, we have a perfect summer night outfit going on here.

The breezy top lets us live our life, sweat free.  Yet, if it’s getting chilly later, we are still in an OK place with our pants.  Our one consideration for you is how often we forget to sunscreen our back in this scenario.  We remind ourselves and you all now: do not  forget to sunscreen your back.  Seems smart, right?!

Top here | Pants here | Purse here |

Next, nothing brings sexier back than a backless dress.  Yup.  Backless, summer love (more JT).  They are so perfect all summer long on hot days and warm summer evenings too!  In the evening throw on your jean jacket or chambray shirt for a cool look!  We love the neutral colour of this one so that it can be worn day or night and paired with pretty much and and/or all colours!

We love wearing wedges in the summer and this backless dress is the perfect thing to pair with wedges.  We love rocking this with our multicolour purse and gold hoop earrings.  Don’t get us wrong…just because there’s a sexy back doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize to the max.  We love this dress with layered bangle bracelets or a long tassel necklace too.  Have fun, it’s summer!

Dress here | Similar here | Shoes here | Purse here | Earrings here |


Samantha and Michelle

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