Seeing Stripes

Ladies, we are seeing stripes!  Just in time for Independence Day!  Sorry Canada, you know we love you dearly but cannot justify seeing maple leaves… unless it was a very cute white sheer blouse with petite red maple leaves on it; are you visualizing that with us?  That being said, if anyone wants to make it, we will totally wear it for Canada Day!

Ready?! We are going to move right into our outfits as we’ve got a lot to discuss before heading out to celebrate.

So, in the spirit of patriotism, we’ve captured what we could from the american flag; the stripes.  We know they aren’t the correct colour, but you can figure out the theme.  Here is Michelle ready to BBQ it up in a comfortable and highly functional stripped white and blue dress.  

In light of not having a red stripped dress (we really like the more muted color of blue since we are going for a big bold pattern here), we’ve got our red Jimmy Choos ready for action.

Accessories.  They are really important and always complete your outfits.  We really hate when we leave the house without jewellery.  We are so lucky because we can always keep our staples on and on those forgetful days, we’ve still got something.  For this post, however, we were very fourtunate as the incredibily talented jewellery making duo Tori and Taz trusted us with their precious products.  Their stackable rings with a blue topaz really make this 4th stripes outfit come together really well.

Dress here and here | Shoes here | Chanel Purse similar here | Tori and Taz Rings here |

So now, we’ve got big and bold.  Some thicker blue and white stripes with a great 3/4″ length top (a really good alternative for that uncertain weather – is it cold/is it warm kind of thing) and some bold red shorts.  We decided to keep the shoes and bag neutral as everything else stands out quite a lot.  

Here, we’ve got more Tori and Taz jewels!   This time, it’s their Sarah Burke Foundation bracelet. As a small side note, 100% of their proceeds go to the Sarah Burke Foundation.  If that’s not an excuse to buy one, we don’t know what is!  This amazing bracelet pairs so well with our beloved Cartier but would also stack so well with many other pieces.  For those of you wondering, they’ve also got a silver based version that says “believe”.  

Madewell Top similar here and here | Shorts here | Shoes here | Chanel Purse (Sold Out) similar here | Tori and Taz Bracelet here | Cartier Bracelet here |

We hope we could provide you with a little bit of outfit inspo for your 4th of July festivities.  Remember, stripes work really well!  So, everyone, we hope you enjoyed an amazing Canada Day and hope you have a great 4th of July as well!


Michelle & Samantha

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