Long Weekend San Francisco Travel Guide

We know it’s Mother’s Day and all, but seriously, you had that dialed (thanks to us) last week with tons of rose!  This week we are LONG WEEKEND prepp’ing (all weekends should be long weekends) and what better way to spend a long weekend than jetting off to San Francisco?!  Our dear friend, Amanda, is heading there so as a thank you for all the past, present and future photos we’ve made you take, here’s a run down of how to spend your weekend in San Fran!!  Here are the must see’s (tourist) and must do’s (more local) of the Bay Area’s babe…

Where to stay?  Union Square, baby!  The Fairmont Hotel is incredibly iconic, great location and perfect service.  Not to mention there is a legit Tiki bar in the basement that is as legendary as the hotel itself.  Seriously.  Our other fave is the Clift Hotel there, with Stark interiors and a great lobby lounge that is a hot spot at night!  You can’t go wrong in that area though, you really don’t spend much time in your room in San Fran…generally…  😉

What to do?  Everything!  Here’s a run down of must accomplish tourist activities…  Ride the cable cars.  Sounds touristy, it is, just do it, take the photo and get an outside seat.  It’s really a special thing to try in San Fran.  It takes you to the top of Lombard street which is a San Fran sight to see!

For something a little more active, go to the Embarcadero and rent cruiser bikes.  You can go all the way over the infamous Golden Gate Bridge to the cutest town of Sausalito.  Have a bevie there on the water!  Then you can take the ferry back with your bike instead of buzzed biking back.

What else?  You have to eat!  And to eat like a tourist, you do it at Fisherman’s Whar.  Don’t try and take down a crab and shrimp sandwich like a lady – get in there, get messy and get it tackled.  You can also grab a cold can of beer in a brown paper bag to go there too!!

Alcatraz, we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend it and crazy for not telling you to book in advance.  There are only two tours we’ve ever done that we would do again and this is definitely one of them (the other is in Chicago).  The audio guide is amazing and last time we were there a former inmate was there giving a talk.  Yah…we didn’t sleep that night either.

Looking for a little more local flavour?  We got you covered on that.  Saturday afternoon head to Dolores Park.  Pack a little picnic with some spirits and amuse-bouche and you’ll fit right in.  It’s such a great way to spend the afternoon.  For a great walk, head through Japan town to Filmore Street and walk it all the way to Union Street – it’s a great walk, local shops and cute spots.  For the best shopping you’ll have to dodge the crowds and hit up Union Square, it’s the best in the City and maybe even the whole west coast.  It’s a Mecca for all things good in life!

We love San Fran for a good wine and dine scene.  Our hands down fave for dinner is Cotogna.  Check out Comstock Saloon right around the corner for a legit pre-dinner cocktail.  Our other must eat venue is Rich Table – love the food there!  During the day, our fave is Waterbar.  Patio, oysters and sparkling?  Yes please!  Brunch on the weekend is delicious too!

And speaking of wine?  Wow…you’re only a hop, skip and a jump to Napa.  That’s right!  One hour takes you to wine country!  For more ideas on Napa check out our travel guide suggestions.

Most of all?  Just grab your coffee and take it all in.  Walk all over and dress in a million layers (you’ll really thank us later for that tip).  San Fran is such an epic city and perfect for your long weekend getaway.  The vibrant mix of everything there is really special.

Happy travels!


Samantha and Michelle


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