Roasted Acorn Squash and Feta

Beloved readers, fall is really upon us.  Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaves have changed their colours, and the greenery that surrounds us is well… about to get greener due to the non stop rain that we are a hot minute away from experiencing.  Whose excited?!  Yeah… not us!  We do, however, have some great methods to combating the dreary weather.  Some might call it binge eating, some might call it normal, we however, like to call it colourful recipes. 

WTF… That should be your reaction. It’s ours too, don’t worry; why on earth would we write that?!?! We are the furthest thing away from being granolas and that was how we came across.  We are SO sorry.  It won’t happen again.


Let’s get back on track and talk about how “good at food” we are.  So, we’re good at eating it and we’re good at making it.  Today, we’ve made this amazing recipe; it’s comforting, hearty, and delicious.  A secret surprise that usually doesn’t get thrown into the mix when those words are discussed… it’s also quite healthy!  If you’re really trying to be this poster child for health, take out the cheese.  We would never though.  Obviously though right?!  As we said before, we are really good at food. 

Anyways, Fall is the most perfect time to welcome squash back into your life.  It has such amazing flavours and textures which is how the hearty healthy comfort food happens.  This recipe is relatively hands off (except the cutting which is very hands on and please, we urge you to be careful when cutting the squash!) as most of the magic happens in the oven. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’14’]


Happy Squashing!


Michelle & Samantha 

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