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We’re not sure about you but we are surrounded by beautiful and wonderful women.  We also don’t know about you but we have each won the sister-in-law lottery in that respect too!  We are constantly inspired by each of them in so many different and thoughtful ways.  The best part is that there’s 4 total – Betsy, Caroline, Maria and Samantha and we are so grateful for these women and so honoured to be a special part of their lives.  Ok, there really should be a day for sister-in-laws like there is for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…  The 6 of us would probably end up black out on a patio in the sunshine surrounded by bottles of rose…  what a dream!

All that being said, one of our sister-in-laws, Samantha, has a bridal boutique in Vancouver called Rituals of Love.  She is so incredibly talented and amazing!  Her boutique is unlike anything else in the City and carries the most amazing line of designers and dresses.  It’s a total bridal haven!

So, we’re not going to lie.  It’s soooo much fun to go to her store, crack some Veuve and start trying on dresses.  It’s like getting to play dress up in Cinderella’s chic closet and be a princess.  We love going to her shop!!  The warmth and feel of the historical building makes you feel so happy inside.  Each time we are so impressed by her curated line of accessories, jewellery, sexy wear and bathing suits – yes bathing suits. Because when you get married you go on honeymoons and you NEED to see these suits and rompers!  Even if you’re already married and just going on vacay, you probably NEED to try these on anyways.  And did we mention bridesmaid dresses?!  Yah, she has those too!

Okay but back to the point, there are amazing dress options for everyone.  If you, your sister, your sister in law, or bff are getting married we would 100% suggest popping by Sam’s shop and checking out if she has anything for your special day.  She makes you feel so comfortable and never puts any pressure on you to buy anything.  She has such a great eye and is so fabulous at accessorizing dresses with the right veil or sash too.

Isn’t that the worst?!  The last thing you want is to be forced into something you’re not totally in love with and Sam knows it.

She also knows when people like something and when they don’t, she can steer you in the right direction for trying on dresses.  Give her a sense of what you’re looking for and she’ll pull some fantastic options in and slightly out of your comfort zone, but trust us, out of your comfort zone is worth it… that perfect gem of a dress might be waiting just over your line!

Go check out Rituals of Love for a fantastic ladies afternoon.  We promise the experience is worth every moment spent there!


Michelle & Samantha

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