Ripped Jeans

Well, well, well, what have we here?!  Some seasonal transition outfits needed!?  We totally agree which is why today we are talking about our favourite ripped jeans.  Warm day, but still a little breezy?!  Well, our ripped jeans allows that air flow to happen while still keeping you warm.  Nights cool off too quickly for you?  Guess what our solution is?!  Did you guess ripped jeans?  If you didn’t we should chat… but if you did, congratulations, you’ve won the prize of continuing to read the post!  Lucky you!!!

In all seriousness, ripped jeans are our life savers when it comes to summer fashion.  We have horrible internal temperature control panels and can be all over the place.  Not only do the jeans help with self-temperature regulations, they also look really damn cool (literally and figuratively!!!).  That being said we’ve got some good stuff lined up for you!

Now, summer = bright and fun.  Not so goth and black like our winter vibes.  We try really hard to avoid black in the warmer seasons mainly because of that internal temperature control panel (or lack thereof).  Hence, a mega bright and fun coral top paired with our favourite white ripped jeans.  White jeans always say sunny weather but ripped white jeans say we’re super cool girls and we love sunny weather.

At least that’s what we’re going with!  Now, we didn’t say we were leaving black OUT of our outfits… you know were obsessed.  We’ve paired this light and airy outfit with our black Chanel canvass shoes and bag.  Why you ask?!  Because this weather is confusing – one day it’s 30 degrees and sunny, the next it’s 15 and thunder showering – so we are keeping it real… in case it starts to downpour on our sunny parade.

Jeans here | Shirt here | Shoes here | Purse similar here | Sunnies here |

Now Michelle had to be convinced not to wear her ripped black jeans for this post.  Or her dark grey ones either.  Keep it light…keep it light.  So, she is wearing her fave blue ones from Zara.  There’s so many rips and honestly, each time you put them on and snag a rip with your foot (hey…it happens), the look changes for the better!  We also love how the fade of the denim wears in over time and looks so classic.

Michelle has paired her jeans with nude heels and a pink purse – it’s supposed to be summer after all!  Our fave thing to wear with ripped jeans is a solid, basic colour.  Otherwise, too much is happening.  So a white, sleeveless, v-neck blouse works well.  You could dress it down with Adidas runners and a white t-shirt or you could go dressier with a silk top too.  No rules with your ripped jeans!

Jeans here | Shirt here | Shoes here | Purse here | Sunnies here |

How are you keeping cool in your ripped jeans?


Samantha and Michelle

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