2017 Resolutions

Day 1.  Here we go!  Are you ready for the year ahead and all that it brings?  Are you sitting in bed like we are wondering how it will go and what’s in store?  Are you vowing to make major life changes and wondering how to accomplish them?  So that’s totally normal, well, most of it anyways!

We feel no different.  As we look back at the year that was and look ahead to the year in store we have lots of changes in our lives and no doubt you do to!  One of us is getting married and the other is having a baby…lots going on in the world of the Champagne Chic ladies!  As our worlds evolve and change so do our resolutions each year.  So, how do we feel about resolutions and what do we do with them so that some time in mid to late January we don’t realize that we haven’t followed through on anything?!  Let’s see how we’re doing it this year and what’s worked for us in the past…

Chances are that you’re resolving to do something that we’ve tried out, trust us!  We find that instead of tackling a lengthy resolution, we like to boil it down and shockingly find a cute accessory to help us with it.  What do we mean?  Ok, so if you’re resolving to take more time for yourself each day we boil it down to resolving to relax and we have the perfect candle for your time outs!  See?  Make it simple, make it cute and you’re more likely to succeed in following through!  So, what else can we accessorize our resolutions with?

For those wanting to make health changes and healthier choices, we suggest a yoga mat, a new salad bowl, or the magic bullet.   Each helps you want to eat better or practice better and they are all budget friendly under $50.  If you’re thrifty and like tasks, you can even try growing your own low-maintenance veggies in your garden.  Salads are way more fun if you grow them yourself!


Relaxation can range from taking more time to yourself to calming down to just trying to think things through before reacting.  So in the same $50 or less price range we are suggesting this mini zen garden (which we adore), this bath pillow and our fave Voluspa candle.  We could suggest a glass of wine but somehow these seemed more appropriate! 


If you’re revolving at getting more organized, we have that coming for you can check out our post from last week and if you’re resolving to go to the gym more or increase your fitness, we’ve got you covered on that this coming week!

What are your resolutions for 2017?


Samantha and Michelle


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