Rebelling with White After Labour Day

Both of us, total rebels.  White after labour day?!  A lot of people would think were totally nuts.  However, we know a ton of people who agree with us.  We love our whites and blacks and strongly believe that both colours are every season colours.  Let’s have a look and see if you agree…

Firstly, we’ve got Michelle in a freaking magic summer/fall transition outfit.  White after Labour Day – WINNING.  It’s got a perfect amount of light and dark such that nothing feels out of place and too summer-y or fall-y (technical terms).  The way the darker grey jacket, scarf and shoes balance the outfit.  Additionally, the darker additions will let us wear this until we need full on winter boots and covered legs (i.e., no rips).

Notwithstanding the above, these layers are also what are keeping us warm on those odd weather days which we’ve been experiencing in Vancouver over the last few weeks.  Hot, cold, hot cold, please make up your mind mother nature!

White Jeans here | Shirt here | Jacket here | Chanel Purse similar here | Scarf similar here | Necklace here |

Next, we’ve got Samantha in another all-star white after Labour Day outfit.  Rainy days and white jeans DO go well together provided you’ve got the right equipment on your feet i.e., Hunter rainboots!  No matter how deep the puddle (okay, maybe that’s a lie) we will still generally make it through unscathed.

This is screaming perfect pumpkin patch outfit to us especially with a great warm wool sweater and a jean shirt.  It could also be a quick trip to the farmer’s market outfit.  So many great summer/fall transition outfit options!

Sweater here | H & M Jean Top sold out – similar  here | White Jeans Here | Chanel Wallet similar here |  Hunter Rainboots here |

What do you guys think of white after Labour Day?!


Michelle & Samantha 

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