Raspberry Mint Cocktail

Well Vancouverites, what happened to our summer?!  As we sit and write this it is freaking 16 degrees outside and raining!  Therefore, we’ve decided to channel warmer weather and more desirable days: days that involve refreshing cocktails.  Our latest fave is this raspberry mint cocktail.  

We’ve got a sweetness from raspberries, a tartness from lemon, a bit of a kick from ginger beer, and a refreshing factor from the mint. All of these all-star ingredients come together and make an insane drink.  But wait, we are definitely forgetting what makes this drink a cocktail… the booze! Since you might have read here about our favourite drink, the Moscow Mule, we naturally went the vodka route on this one.  Basically this cocktail is like a Healthy Moscow Mule with the addition of mint and raspberries… We know we’re not fooling anyone with the ‘healthy thing’ but we’re totally ok with it. 

With all this talk of bad weather and refreshing cocktails, we seem to be contradicting ourselves.  As such, we will move on, pretend were on a beach in Maui making you this cocktail.  We hope you will do the same!

Without further ado, here is the much awaited refreshing drink.

[yumprint-recipe id=’10’]

See?! So simple.  You can tone it down if you don’t like the taste of alcohol as much and do 4 oz shots instead of 8 oz for 4 people.  Or (we totally go for this option, so no judgement passed), live your lives and do whatever you want (which for us, means go for the 8oz!).

Make us proud and try out this cocktail! As usual, tag us in your photos!!! 


Michelle & Samantha 


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