Rainy Day Blues

March, will you ever end??  It feels like you’re dragging your heels (cute ones we imagine, but nonetheless).  We get excited in March when it rains in the City and we know it’s snowing in the mountains.  We do not get excited in March when it rains in the City and we know we have to go out in it!  That being said, we’re trying to look at the bright, no – dull, no – positive side of it!  There are lots of fun activities to do in the rain if we prep and plan for it!

First, as always, it starts with some Baileys.  In your tea or in your coffee, doesn’t matter, just get some in there.  Ok, so glad we’ve started our rainy day right!  That’s nice and warm and delicious isn’t it?  Yah, ok now throw that in your S’well bottle, toss on your Hunter rain boots and you’re off to the races!  So, what next?  What are some great ways to spend some rainy days?

We LOVE dogs.  Do you?  Ok, we love spending rainy days at the dog beach. Dogs don’t ever seem to mind the rain and always are invigorated for some time at the beach.  We love when the tide is really low and we can just walk out for long stretches of sandy space and channel our inner child and jump in a puddle or two along the way!

We LOVE brunch.  Such a great way to spend a rainy weekend morning all bundled up with some eggs benedict.  Our fave spot lately is Burdock and Co – get their gluten free scone.  You won’t regret it.  If you don’t get it,you will regret it.  What are you going to do?!  Get the GF scone.  Good… An alternate option, if you’re not in the mood for brunch (or a GF scone) and you have some time with the girls, don’t underestimate afternoon tea at the Fairmont.  Especially when there’s a mimosa involved!!

We LOVE cooking.  Rainy afternoons are such good inspiration for cooking up a storm.  Get it?  Storm.  It’s so fun to make a delicious dinner that’s a treat to yourself and your partner!  It’s also an excuse to spend some time at Granville Island or your local market just picking up fresh ingredients (while under cover!!) and tasting some yummy treats along the way!

We LOVE being pampered.  If you haven’t already learned that, every woman loves being pampered!  Great way to spend a rainy day?  A mani/pedi combo from our favourite spot, Pure Nail bar!  Another great way to pamper yourself is to enjoy a reflexology massage from Footworks.  It will chang you forever, trust us!!

Don’t let the rain get you down.  It’s easy to look at March and April as never ending showers, but it’s just as easy to have a plan and have a few ideas on how to spoil yourself a bit and make the best of it!

How are you spending your rainy day (s)?


Samantha and Michelle

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