Pretty in Pink

You know how it’s almost spring time and almost everyone is doing the floral thing.  Well we are not (right now)!  We are going outside the box by picking one of our favourite floral colours (not white today, friends!); its pink!  Everyone knows all about the dusty pink obsession and we are 10/10 on board with that obsession.  We love being pretty in pink and today we’re here to show you how we are wearing it.

Don’t worry we are totally sure that we’re not that far behind the spring floral trend.



Dare you to guess what kind of post you’ll see in the coming weeks.  But come on guys, why do you keep getting us so far off track!?

This week, Michelle is rocking ripped jeans with a pink oversized top and a white came underneath.  We like the pink top as it has a sheer look to it and that’s just so Spring’y!  To really pink’ify things, she’s mixed in our favourite pink Chanel purse and/or clutch depending on how you want to wear it.  It’s our fave purse in our fave Spring colour!!

The necklace is crystal from Ted Baker and looks cute with this outfit as well as a black on black one too.  Shocking that we have a necklace that would look good with dark colours!  We also love the pink shoes as they are amazing with white jeans or any skirt all Spring and Summer long!

Jeans here | Top here | Cami here | Necklace here | Purse here | Shoes here |

Next, Samantha’s outfit has spring written all over it.  We are head over heels with being pretty in pink wherever humanly possible and here we’ve done it in three places: sweater (check), shoes (check, check), purse (check, check, check).  We probably deserve a gold star for this one… just saying!!!  Triple threat, anyone?!

We’ve kept the palette light and airy for that nice spring feel.  The cream skirt and pearls tie into this outfit perfectly well, if we do say so ourselves.  We usually aren’t the matchy-matchy type, but this outfit was just too good not to!

Skirt here | Sweater here | Bag here | Pearls here | Shoes similar here |

How are are you rocking your “pretty in pink” this spring?!


Michelle & Samantha

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