Pretty in Pearls

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Today we wanted to chanel our inner lady (she’s in there) and be very feminine on this special day.  How do we do that?  Pearls.  They are so underrated.  Like seriously underrated.  The are the one accessory that you put on and instantly feel classy.  They can take a casual outfit and dress it up right away.  Additionally, they can add that extra something to a very plain outfit as well.  They come in all shapes, sizes and lengths and because they are so incredibly timeless and classic, they never go out of style or really change all that much. So, once you buy some amazing pearl pieces, you’ll have them forever!  Win win, right?

Now, we know we lead you on saying we were going feminine, but really, would we be true to ourselves if that were the case?! Probably not.  So instead, we’ve got this insanely hot pearl necklace.  Just a little pearl flair though, we wouldn’t want to go too far.  The rest of the necklace is totally bad ass.  We are obsessed.  We added our leather jacket to emphasize that bad ass vibe we are throwing off.

Then we’ve paired the rest of the outfit with some more subtle touches like, a gorgeous Prada clutch and some beautiful Phillip Lim shoes.  Feminine meets edgy.  That’s why we cannot get enough of this necklace.  We are guessing you agree too?!

Necklace here | Jacket here | Shoes here | Tank here | Jeans here | Purse here |

Michelle went black on black with accessories to shine things up!  These black skinny pitch jeans from Cheap Monday are so incredibly comfortable!  We have paired them with a black Max Mara top for a very subtle base to the outfit.  We did this so that our gold Jimmy Choo heels stand out!  We love them so much!  They are a great way to glam up an outfit!

So, what’s just as timeless and classic as pearls themselves?  Chanel of course!  The perfect way to accompany your look and outfit is a classic Chanel bag and their statement pearl necklace!  We love the jeweled Chanel logos mixed in with the pearls.  This long Chanel necklace also goes well with pencil skirts and a tucked in top or jeans and your favourite white tshirt.  It can be looped around to become shorter or it can be made longer.  We love the versatility in it’s length!

Top here | Jeans here | Shoes here | Purse here | Pearls here |

How do you feel pretty in pearls?


Samantha and Michelle

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