Plaid in the Fall

Plaid, in the fall.  We are SO original.  Who else would think of such a crazy concept!?  Ok, ok, we know.  Plaid in the fall is everyone’s go-to.  Especially on the west coast.  But it’s so classic that we will never get enough and we will never stop loving it.  So in this instance, passion beats originality.  Don’t give us a hard time.  How many avocado toast photos have you seen in the past day?  Yeah, we thought so!

First up, Samantha is rocking our go-to/classic red and black plaid.  It’s so easily paired with many things but we again, went out of the box and went for a darker denim pant.  Well, it’s paying off!  It looks good don’t you think!?  Us too, that’s why we wear it!  We love it for weekend errands paired with our easy throw on Nikes OR with our fave Stan Smiths.

Fall Plaid

To glam it up a bit, we’ve added our Chanel bag and our accessories that never leave our wrists.  Never let go of a good thing, and in this case, a good thing includes Cartier.  So, although plaid can be viewed as a very casual item, we know how to get that wow factor up!

Fall Plaid

Plaid Top Here | Pants Here | Shoes Here | Purse similar Here | Bracelets similar Here and Here | Sunglasses similar Here

Below, Michelle is rocking a lace-up style plaid shirt from one of her fave shops, LF Store in LA.  It feels like a fresh take on the traditional plaid that we all have and love.  You can get a little risqué with the bra you wear underneath.  Michelle has opted for a bralette that cross crosses in the front playing off the lace-up detail.  This style of shirt is beyond comfortable and loose, which is nice when you’re running around at warp speed like the two of us usually are!

 Fall Plaid

Furthermore, Michelle’s plaid top is paired with ripped blue jeans and studded Prada shoes for a fun accent to a great look!  It’s hard to make plaid look pretty feminine so we embraced it and went the opposite way with the studs.  We love ourselves some studs!  

Fall Plaid

Plaid Top Here | Jeans Here | Shoes here | Purse Here | Bracelets Here and Here | Sunglasses Here


Michelle & Samantha 

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