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Anyone else get home and automatically change out of their clothes?  Us too… one of us jumps into a cozier outfit, and the other, well, leans on the efficiencies in life and throws on her pjs.  It could be 6:00 or it could be 10:00; there’s not discrimination against time or pj’s here.  Which ever way we function, we both are pj obsessed especially when they are cute.  Which they all are so you literally have no reason to not have a cute pair of pj’s.  If you’re secretly telling us right now that you don’t, well you’re in luck because we are about to show you our favourites.

First, we have the shorts and tank combo.  Totally appropriate to wear with company around (COMPANY YOU’RE COMFORTABLE WITH!  Don’t invite an acquaintance over and expect them to get on board with your pj party.  At least get to know them first!).  Ultra comfortable, mix-and-matchable, and just plain cute.

Second, the new age “nighty”.  This isn’t straight off of a curtain rod anymore folks.  We’ve got some cute and cozy nighty’s.  Similar to this one in the baseball tee-style.  Casual, comfortable, and the best to sleep in on a warm night.  No pants party people, no pants party.

Third, the floral top and bottom combo.  Cute, light, fun and literally goes on the moment we walk in the door.  We love it for warm nights with a glass of wine on the patio and especially for traveling with – packs up so easily!!

Fourth, the pants.  Yes…THE pants!  We adore pj pants most of all.  We actually love these fresh looking white ones with blue palm trees on them.  Most of all, we get picky with our pj pants in that they MUST have pockets.  Where else would our phone go??  And our snacks??  We kid…sorta.

What are your favourite pj’s?


Samantha and Michelle

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