Patio Must-Haves

You already know that we love hosting and now those warm summer days and nights make us feel like we are in our glory!  So…what’s a little entertaining without it being on a patio?!  Furthermore, what’s a little patio session without some obsessions?!  So, let’s see what our patio must-haves are this week!

First up, moving from kitchen to patio constantly?! Well, we need a tray to fix that.  Obviously that tray needs to have a flamingo or else what good would it be on the patio?! Seriously though!

Second, why not have the worlds most relaxing seat in one of your most relaxing oasis’?!  That’s what we thought.  Every patio needs a cozy hammock or lay-down-lounge chair.  Trust us, you’ll have a pretty damn good naps in this must have patio seat.

Third, keep the drink cold.  It should be a mandatory requirement for all patios all summer long.  What better way to do it than this chic little cooler that has a handle and all!  Shouldn’t every bottle have a little accessory too?!  It’s like a purse for your wine…sounds perfectly chic to us!

Fourth, Govino wine glasses.  They are our ultimate summer patio must have.  Yes, you have to wash them by hand but they are perfect.  Cocktails, wine, champagne…they do it all.  They are so flexible and the thumb imprint makes them so easy to hold.  They are so cute and perfect for your patio!!

What are your patio must haves?!


Michelle & Samantha

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