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Oh how exciting it is to delve into the third week of February.  Don’t you just love shorter months?!  WE DO!!  So here were are in the middle of winter which feels like it just won’t end and we are loving our oversized sweaters this season.  Do you ever just look at your man’s sweaters and wonder what they would look like on you?  Yah…we did that…it’s only cute for around the house!  You definitely need your own version, ladies!  Let’s see how we’re wearing oversized sweaters this week…

First up, we’ve got this fabulous oversized knit sweater with some fun textures and colours.  Well, we’re not sure if you can say “fun colours” to this… but we are all about the shades and therefore, think it’s very fun! We’ve paired the oversized sweater with this delicate Alice and Olivia tank to balance the bulky sweater with a light feminine touch.  In addition, we have been loving our knee high boots.  They keep our toes all toasty warm and obviously, they look really cute!

Finally, to top off the outfit, we’ve got the best little accessory, our Chanel.  It suits this outfit so perfectly and the blue of the bag ties in with the blue of our jeans.  Chanel will bring any outfit together, and there is no exception for this outfit.  Oversized, delicate, and classic, aren’t we just little outfit curators today?!

Sweater here | Tank here | Jeans here | Boots here | Purse here |

Michelle is wearing a knitted leather oversized sweater.  Yup, in black.  Weird, she never wears black.  JK.  This sweater falls gorgeously off the shoulder for that little appeal that we all love!  It’s baggy but not unflattering and it’s so easy to layer on top of outfits.  It looks so cute with jeans, leggings or even skirts.  We cannot get enough of it!

This leather sweater is paired with black leggings.  We love this look because it’s loose on top and a little tighter on the bottom.  No body wants baggy on top and baggy on the bottom…it looks frumpy.  That’s why these tighter over the knee boots go so well to accentuate a fitter look down low.  Accessories?  Because the sweater speaks for itself, we like a more simple look with this McQueen clutch and no necklace.

Sweater here | Bottoms here | Tank here | Boots here | Purse here |

What’s your favourite oversized sweater?


Samantha and Michelle

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