Our Triumphant Return

Well everyone, obviously we took a little bit of a hiatus but guess what?!  We’re back!!!  We are making our return a subtle one that also comes with an explanation.  It was completely unintentional for us to be like that person who just “isn’t into you” and stops calling with no explanation.  We love you guys and really did miss you.  That’s why we want to explain why we left and what our return will look like moving forward.

Truth be told, we struggled, and struggled, and struggled with this decision to put our blog baby on hold but well… life got in the way!

One of us had a sweet little baby girl earlier this year and the other got married not too long ago.  Although we love our blog, it was becoming a chore for both of us.  Instead of losing our authenticity and love for it, we decided we needed a little tiny break.  We needed to be able to get our lives back on track, feel normal, and have a little time to ourselves.  It’s hard to feel overwhelmed at times, but it has been so helpful to have each other to go through it together and to help each other find the balance we needed.  We are incredibly lucky to have each other in our lives and to have each other’s support.

Both of us are perfectionists, and well, Champagne Chic was becoming less than perfect.  We would rush through our posts, take half-hearted photos, and, well, feel overwhelmed constantly.  That’s not something we could be proud of.  So, after a long discussion, and some realistic goal setting we are making our triumphant return to the blog-o-sphere.

We are nicely recovered and ready to give our amazing readers something to look forward to.  Warning, we probably won’t be posting quite as much as we were in order to try to keep that balance!  Nevertheless, we are still back in action and cannot wait to share our newest adventures as we move forward!


Michelle & Samantha

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