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Who hates shopping for jeans?!  WE DO WE DO WE DO!  It’s basically second worst to bathing suit shopping.  Can we get an amen?!  AMEN!  Okay not sorry for the rant.  We know you all agree with us.  Buying denim sucks.  Unless it’s in the form of a dress, shirt, jumpsuit, OR overalls.  Who knew overalls would make a comeback, are we right?!  But they are oh so cute!  Anyways, once again we’ve gotten a bit off track.

Whose surprised?!

For sure no one.

Whatever guys, we’ve got a bit of A.D.D. but we embrace it.

Okay SO, back on track.  Today we want to talk to you about our favourite denim.  We both are particular about it. Why? Because it makes our lives easier when were struggling to go try on jeans.  You know your brands, you automatically narrow down how many freaking pairs of jeans you need to try on.  Shall we recite the favouirtes list now?!  Yes sure, then we jump into our outfits.  QUE list making machines.  BAM.

  1. AG Denim – Fit, fit, fit, price.  We need not say more.
  2. Frame Denim – Ripped jeans are dialed.
  3. Current Elliot – This one is tougher as it’s hard to find a cute pair but when you do, your life changes.  Are these jeans sweatpants?!
  4. J Brand – All around a delightful denim.

So you see, we hit up a store and we go right for these sections.  If you’re brand name is Hudson, Paige, blah blah blah, we typically will bypass you (sorry! It’s not you, it’s us and our body types!!!).  BUT one mega caveat, if the sales lady or man has a recommendation for you, do not say no.  They knows their stuff and you should be trusting.  Not too trusting, still try them on.

Okay, into our outfits we go. First up, we’ve got Samantha wearing her favourite black AG jeans.  First of all, do you want to know how long it took to find these.  WAY too long is the answer.  Pain staking time, taking those jeans off, putting those ones on, like actually 4 or 5 mall encounters before these puppies.    The best part of black jeans is, well, they are black!  Which means, they fit perfectly in our wardrobe and go with all of our other black clothes.  Today, my friends, today, we have stepped out of our comfort zone to grey.  Grey and black.  We love it don’t we.  Winning combo.

The grey sweater, paired with the grey jeans, as well as the black jacket, and the grey scarf.  OMG we are so crazy aren’t we?!  Okay, we get it, we’re not.  But we are classic.  Which is something we never want to stop being.  So black on black on grey it is.  Finally, to top off this fabulous outfit, our grey Chloe bag and black louboutins.  Ugh, it’s just so magical isn’t it?!

Jeans here | Shoes here | Purse here | Sweater here | Scarf here | Leather Jacket here |

Next up, we’ve got Michelle rocking her favourite denim – Frame!  They are beyond comfy and have the perfect amount of stretch in them.  They have a great rip in the leg for that casual look but also have a selection of jeans that aren’t ripped too.  Michelle swears by Frame jeans!  She’s paired them two ways for us to see…

First, with a pair of black studded Louboutins and a camo studded purse for that edge’y effect.

Jeans here | Heels here | Purse here | Jacket here

Second with a blazer, Chanel purse and gold Jimmy Choo heels for a more classic look.

Jeans here | Heels here | Purse here | Blazer here |

What are some of your favourite denims and what do you pair them with?!


Michelle & Samantha



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