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We are huge supports of local businesses, brands and products.  It could be food, fabrics, candles… anything really but we know local will always a soft spot in our hearts.  There are so many great products in Vancouver and we will liekly never be able to cover them all off.  While we have your attention, we should tell you, however, that BC corn… you can’t beat it!  If the opportunity arises where you’re choosing between California and BC don’t even think about it, we are not leading you astray: GET THE BC CORN!

Peer pressure moment over… for now and we are back to what we are here to discuss, our love for finding special things that are made nearby!  This week we’re looking at two of our fave local shops.

One of our all time local favourites is A’hoy Goods; nestled away in the heart of Deep Cove, one of our favourite places EVER.  A’hoy has absolutely nailed it with their decor; they have done such a wonderful job capturing the beauty of the North Shore and the rustic vibe of Deep Cove.  Not to mention their tees and sweatshirts are super cute and so soft (very important!) and they sell lots of other local goodies as well (Woodlot Candles *SO YUMMY SMELLING, GO GET ONE).  

Zip in here, grab a tee (or a sweater) enjoy the store and then go grab a Honey’s Doughnut.  You like cake? Us too. We promise it is less like a doughnut and more like a heavenly mini cake. 

The Nine O’clock Gun Company makes some of our favourite hats!  The company is named after the famous cannon that goes off every night in Vancouver, yes at 9:00, and their hats that feature old Canadian sports teams’ logos.  Honestly, people stop us on the street and ask us what the logo on the hat means!  They are comfy, unique and have a great selection of colours and styles!  

First up, Michelle is rocking the coveted Canadians bucket hard to come by now (SOLD OUT, BOO!), but they’ve got a ton of other great options!

Other great options like this Classic Strapback.  Usually, you will find one of us wearing one of these!  They’ve got a few fit options which works well for us!  
Oh, and for you matchy matchy cute moms or dads, they make adult and children matching ones!  Insert melting heart here…
So shop local, support local and wear local.  We would like to note that we were super bossy this post, but we won’t stop… We seriously love these shops (and BC corn)! #sorrynotsorry


Samantha and Michelle

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